Trainz N Brainz started off as a training service provider in the corporate sector. The base location was New Delhi and we started our operation in 2013. Initially, all the clients availed our training services to enhance the language skills of their employees who are in continuous touch with foreign people. The base location was shifted from New Delhi to Kerala after identifying the growing demands and need for improving the communication skills of the school students. Trainz N Brainz was incorporated into a Private Limited Company in 2015 with the vision of enhancing the employability of the youth.

Trainz N Brainz has its forte in different domains and aspects of a person’s life:

Communication Skills

Our training develops the linguistic skills of students and goes beyond traditional books, pens, and classrooms. So, we let the individuals be free so that they can be intelligent in their own ways. All our modules are in the form of games, activities or tasks. This is in order to give maximum exposure, enjoyment, and learning to the students. This stimulates and motivates the learners to new levels and ensures acquired learning.

Personal Development

Our training program results in ongoing development – a key skill in leadership building. We have paid special attention to awareness building and shifting of limiting mindsets – the only way to achieve permanent change. We design all our courses in a manner so that it enhances the performance by reducing interference and increasing potential.

Adolescent Education 

Our program is in accordance with several norms and objectives of existing boards and governing bodies. And some objectives are;

to develop essential value enhanced life skills for coping and managing concerns of adolescence through Co-Curricular Activities

to provide accurate knowledge to students about the process of growing up, HIV/ AIDS and substance abuse

to enable them to deal with gender stereotypes and prejudices.

Career Coaching

Its known that searching and selecting a career is a herculean task for most of us. Trainz N Brainz helps you in solving that by creating strong career awareness through its foundation program. Besides the fact that the world is round, we have planned and designed a career coaching program for the students. So that he gets to know about the best career opportunities that await him in the prospects.

Entrepreneurship Development

Our mentoring program develops the entrepreneurial abilities among the students. In other words, it refers to inculcation, development, and polishing of entrepreneurial skills into a person. Which is a requirement if he needs to establish and successfully run his enterprise. Thus, the concept of entrepreneurship development involves equipping a person with the required skills and knowledge needed for starting and running the enterprise.