We are the primary online Spoken English Training Provider when it comes to customizing the course as per the requirements of the candidates. We understand that though everyone needs to learn English, they are not coming from the same background and proper customized care needs to be given to everyone. We have designed our courses in three different frameworks.

Basic Spoken English
This program is for people who find it very difficult to use the English Language and can’t speak more than one or two sentences at a go and that too in a broken manner.

Intermediate Spoken English
This program is for people who know how to use the English language and they can speak too but they don’t feel the confidence and they are hesitant as they don’t have proper vocabulary to support their thought process.

Advanced Spoken English
This program is for people who are efficiently using the English language to communicate with friends and peers in their everyday life and they may come across the need to advance in their career by resorting to the classic English to portray their proficiency in the language.

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