Entrepreneurship Development is a program meant to develop entrepreneurial skills among the students. In other words, it refers to inculcation, development, and polishing of innovative skills into a person to successfully start and run his business.

Entrepreneurship has more to do with one’s personality and innate qualities than anything learned through formal education. Experiences and lessons in how to deal with change, handling failure, learning when and how to say ‘No’, how to ask for help, and mastering the art of prioritization are all valuable insights for an entrepreneur. In short, entrepreneurial skills can be taught and are something that should be part of the educational experience of all young people.

The well-crafted program of Entrepreneurship Development focusses on effective communication skills, the ability to make quick and efficient decisions, how to develop a broad vision of the business. We also take care of the process involved in setting up a small enterprise. Acquiring the necessary managerial skills required to run a small scale industry.

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