This program is mainly aimed at school students at all levels. One of the most agreed upon observations by eminent academicians is that a vast majority of the students graduating from schools these days lack self-confidence and have poor communication skills. In this program, we will inculcate English for Everyday in a student’s life by partnering with the academic institution where Trainz N Brainz will act as the Language Acquisition Partner.

As the training is highly interactive, all the students, especially those with stage fright, will imbibe the skills passed on to them and it effectively develops the linguistic skills which go beyond traditional books, pens, and classrooms. All our modules are prepared in the form of activities/games/tasks in order to give maximum exposure and enjoyment to the learners. This stimulates and motivates the learners to new levels and ensures acquired learning and will ensure that the skills and attributes become a part of the students’ nature, making them more self-assured and confident.

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